Kintamani, Bangli

Kintamani Heights Residence

Modern Living with Sweeping Views far from the city and close to nature.

USD $ 245,000
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30 years+
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30 years+
USD $ 245,000
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Each 180m2 unit offers a fully enclosable space, featuring a personal sauna and shower on the ground floor level. Shared amenities include an ice bath and hot tub, elevating your relaxation experience.

With a sleek and modern design, these residences provide an ideal balance of simplicity and comfort, allowing you to appreciate the breathtaking views and exceptional weather of the area.


With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, each unit is fully furnished for your convenience.

The ground floor level includes a dedicated storage space, and parking is available on-site.

The property ensures security with a designated security house, and the entire premises are enclosed within a gated property.

The thoughtfully designed layout and shared amenities enhance the overall living experience, making these residences a perfect blend of modernity and functionality.


Situated in the heart of Kintamani Bangli regency, this residence offer more than just a home; it provide a connection to the local landscape and nature.

Enjoy the tranquility of the area, surrounded by captivating views and a climate that adds to the appeal of your daily life.  Convenient access to local amenities and major transportation routes ensures that you're well-connected while still enjoying the distinct charm of Kintamani.


All apartments have a 30 years lease extendable with additional 20 years.

  • Apartment A (Lower Elevation): 180m2 - IDR 3.750,000,000 ($245,000 USD)
  • Apartment B (Middle Elevation): 180m2 - IDR 3.900,000,000 ($255,000 USD)
  • Apartment C (Top Elevation): 180m2 - IDR 4.000,000,000 ($265,000 USD)

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