Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the Balinese real estate market a smart investment opportunity?

Bali is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and this is where the opportunity begins.Whether you want to live in paradise or start a rental business, Bali has it all thanks to a very dynamic and fast-paced market that has a lot to offer both foreigners and locals in terms of liquidity, ease of trade, and upside potential.


Do i need a visa in order to buy properties in Indonesia?

You are not required to obtain a certain specific visa if you are purchasing a home to live in and not to produce money from.However, If your property is an investment from which you desire to produce revenue, you must set up a proper company and pay the relevant taxes in accordance with Republic of Indonesia legislation.


Can a foreigner run a holiday rental villa or any other business as a private entity?

No, foreigners are not allowed to operate any business.It is possible to do so only after setting up a business (PT PMA) in order to obtain a  license.


What is the Leasehold title?

The leasehold title, also known as Hak Sewa, grants the possessor the right to utilize an empty plot of land or the building(s) on someone else's land for a set amount of time.A Leasehold Right title can be given over land that is currently subject to a Freehold title, a Right to Build title, or a Right to Use title. Leasehold  properties may be acquired by Indonesian people, Indonesian legal entities, and foreign individuals.The lease length is typically between 1 and 25 years, with an option to extend the lease stipulated in the agreement between the land owner  and the person who rents the property.


Can I buy real estate in Indonesia through a company?

Yes, the most secure approach for a foreign national to invest in Bali property is through a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) and obtain the 'Right to Build' certificate. In Indonesia, as PT PMA is a foreign limited liability corporation.


Is in my rights to obtain a Kitas visa if i own a property in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, owning property does not automatically entitle you to a kitas.To get a kitas, you'll need to establish up a corporation and go through the process. We can recommend professionals to handle this for you, or you can work with us to obtain an alternate visa that meets your needs.


How can I post my house for sale?

Posting a house with us is simple. Just fill out the listing request and we will evaluate your property.
Filling the form does not guarantee the house will be listed nor that it will be sold.


Which type of property do you take for promoting?

On our website we are happy to host land, off-plan projects, previously owned villas and newly developed villas.


What are the minimum requirements to be listed?

To be considered for listing you must submit as many informations as possible, as requested in our listing form.
Do not worry if you do not check every box in our form. Before listing your property publicly we will get in touch with you to confirm your submission and eventually clarify few minor details.
Keep in mind that we will only accept submissions with high quality photos shared via Google drive or similar tool. If you do not have high quality images we can take care of that as part of our paid services.


What’s the average time to sell a house?

We do our best to attract buyers both locally and internationally through advertising on search engines and social media (both paid ads and organic traffic), as well as publishing on our website.
Listing your property with us does not guarantee any sale. If you want to learn more about us and how we work reach out.

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