Passive income with holiday rental properties

Whether you're eyeing the long-term rental market or aiming to capitalize on Bali's booming short-term stays, we're here to guide you through every step.

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Why dive into Bali's rental business?

Tourist Magnet:
Every year, millions flock to Bali for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and unique experiences. This creates a consistent demand for rental properties.
Expatriate Hub:
Beyond tourists, Bali is a favorite destination for expatriates seeking long-term stays, offering a steady market for long-term rentals.
Diverse Rental Models:
Whether you're interested in luxury villas, budget accommodations, or anything in between, there's a rental model that fits your investment appetite.
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Navigating the rental landscape with Kitn Estates

Local Expertise:
Our team's deep understanding of Bali's rental market nuances ensures you're always one step ahead.
End-to-End Support:
From scouting the right property to setting up your rental business, we're with you at every juncture.
Marketing & Visibility:
Leverage our vast network to maximize your property's visibility and ensure high occupancy rates.
Legal & Compliance:
Navigate the complexities of Bali's rental regulations with our expert guidance.

Long vs short term rentals:
which is right for you?

Comparison Table
Features Long-Term Rentals Short-Term Rentals
Income Reliable monthly revenues. Potential for greater income during peak seasons.
Maintenance Fewer turnovers mean reduced maintenance costs. Adjust rates based on demand or use the property.
Relationships Form lasting connections with tenants for a sense of community. Meet travelers from around the world.
Dynamics Less affected by seasonal fluctuations. Engage in active property management and stay on top of market trends.

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Frequently asked questions


Why is the Balinese property market a smart investment?

Bali is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and this is where the opportunity begins.
Whether you want to live in paradise or start a rental business, Bali has it all thanks to a very dynamic and fast-paced market that has a lot to offer both foreigners and locals in terms of liquidity, ease of trade, and upside potential.


Why should i start my holiday rental business?

Owning rental property is the best way to create passive income. This means that the money you make is recurring, and it doesn't require you to work very hard to maintain it. This can be a great option for people who are looking to make money on the side, or want some extra financial security during retirement or inflationary periods full of uncertainty.


What is one big advantage of owning a rental business?

Sometimes the market dips or stagnate, which can make it difficult to sell your property at a good price.
Renting out your property in this situation gives you the flexibility to wait and decide what's best for you.
You'll have the opportunity to sell if you ever find yourself in a better position or with more favorable market conditions.
Renting out your property also helps you boost your ROI.


Should i diversify my portfolio and include properties?

You may already have money invested in the stock market or other forms of investment.
Owning rental properties allows you to diversify your assets and generate yield.
Diversification is a great layer of protection against risk.


Do I have to be in Bali to take on this opportunity?

No, you do not necessarily need to be here but you might have to entitle someone to have power of attorney over your investments. We advise against this practice unless strictly necessary.


Do I need special visas or other requirements to invest?

You are not required to obtain a certain specific visa if you are purchasing a home to live in and not to produce money from.
However, If your property is an investment from which you desire to produce revenue, you must set up a proper company (PT PMA) and pay the relevant taxes in accordance with Republic of Indonesia legislation.


What is a leasehold title?

The leasehold title, also known as Hak Sewa, grants the possessor the right to utilise an empty plot of land or the building(s) sitting on someone else's land for a set amount of time.
A Leasehold Right title can be given over land that is currently subject to a Freehold title, a Right to Build title, or a Right to Use title.
Leasehold  properties may be acquired by Indonesian people, Indonesian legal entities, and foreign individuals.
The lease length is typically between 1 and 25 years, with an option to extend the lease stipulated in the agreement between the land owner  and the person who rents the property.


Do I need special visas or other requirements to invest?

If the goal of your investment is to be able to generate revenue from short term rentals you will need to open a foreign owned company in Indonesia (PT PMA).
As individual investor you are not entitled to generate revenue with your property.


How much my property will increase in value over the years?

It depends by many factors including how well you run your rental business over the years how good you are in establishing a solid and possibly recurring clientele.
Moreover, what also can affect property valuations is the development and growth of the area you have decided to invest in.


How can you ensure my investment is profitable ?

Real estate is one of the most safe ways to invest your money and over the long term has been proven to be a great risk-adjusted strategy.
We do our best to provide investors with properties having great upside potential both as holiday rental properties to generate revenue and as a passive investment that you will sell in the future.
Although, if you are familiar with investments you are aware that there is no such a thing as 100% safe investment and market conditions are unpredictable and can change very quickly.  


What are the main risks involved in this investment?

Although real estate is deemed a safe investment over the long term, market downturns and tourism slowdowns can impact the present value of your assets, affect your monthly revenue and thus temporarily decrease the demand for properties or accommodations.
This is why, especially with holiday rental properties, we advise our clients to have a generous time horizion of at least 8-10 years.

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