Buying your dream villa is easy

Experience a Seamless, Transparent, and Hassle-Free Process with Kitn Estates

How easy it is to buy a villa in Bali?

Purchasing a villa in Bali is a straightforward and easy process and can be done with you present or from anywhere on the planet.
We take care of every little detail.

Find Your Ideal Property:

We help you narrow down options based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Lock the deal

Begin the acquisition process with a refundable deposit processed by our trusted notary.

Due diligence

Our team and the notary conduct thorough checks to ensure the deal is safe for you. If any issues are found, the deal is canceled, and your deposit is 100% refunded.


We collaborate with you and the notary to draft a contract that binds the seller to the buyer, ensuring all your needs are met.

Signature and payment

Once the contract meets your satisfaction, it is signed, and the payment process begins according to the agreed plan.

Why choose Kitn Estates for your Bali villa purchase?

Expertise and experience:
Established in 2020, Kitn Estates specializes in helping foreign investors enter the Balinese real estate market.
Our SIU-P4 broker certification ensures strict adherence to Indonesian laws and exceptional service.
Comprehensive support:
With over 20 esteemed partners, including architects, lawyers, and tax experts, we offer holistic support throughout your real estate journey.
Global reach:
Kitn Estates team is able to safely support and finalise any property purchase on your behalf while you are not in Bali.

Bought my villa in Canggu while in Europe and now running it on AirBnb. Did not expect the whole process to run so smoothly.

Arthur, France

I had an idea, and thanks to Kitn Estates understanding of the market, they guided me through the decision process while patiently educating me on how everything works. Their transparency and eagerness to help made the entire experience smooth and enjoyable.

Oliver, Australia

Huge thanks to the team for holding my hand through my first land purchase in Bali!
They made the paperwork feel like a breeze, taking care of all the nitty-gritty details with a smile.
Couldn't have done it without them!

Ali, UAE

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth buying a property in Bali?
Your money your choice.
However, if you are looking for beautiful island called Bali within the Indonesian archipelago where you can live a peaceful live and invest in a rental business like AirBnb then yeah. Bali could help you achieve your life goals.
How hard is it to buy property in Bali?
Not as hard as you might think, you can buy properties from anywhere on planet earth as long as you have an internet connection, your ID and the money to pay for a property.
We take care of the whole process start to finish.
Do i need a visa in order to buy properties in Indonesia?
You are not required to get any specific visa when purchasing a villa for private use in Bali.
However, if you are looking to generate income from it you might have to open a PT PMA as it would be illegal to run a business without a company.
Do i get a visa when buying property in Bali?
No, purchasing/leasing a villa or any other property does not entitle you to any visa. You might want to consider applying for the correct visa based on your needs.
Are houses cheap in Bali?
Cheap and expensive are very relative terms, however, when compared to other international markets, Bali properties stand out for their benefit-cost ratio.
Can i run an AirBnb without establishing a company in Bali?
No, It is possible to do so only by establishing a foreign owned company in Indonesia, PT PMA, which is the Indonesian equivalent to a LLC.
Can i own properties in Bali?
Foreign individuals and companies alike can't get complete ownership of land as per Indonesian law.
They can both access leasehold contracts but only companies can buy freehold properties (SHM) up to 90 years.