3 real estate investment strategies for foreign investors in Bali in 2023

Are you considering investing in off plan properties, buying land in Bali, or pursuing your own development ideas? No matter what your plans are, this article has got you covered with all the basic information you need to get started. Let's make those dreams a reality!

3 real estate investment strategies for foreign investors in Bali in 2023

Bali is well known for its natural beauty, friendly people, and unique culture. It’s no wonder that this Indonesian island has become a popular destination for tourists, remote workers and retirees from all over the world. 

With its growing popularity, Bali has also become an attractive investment destination for foreign real estate investors looking for new opportunities in an emerging market. 

In this short article we will outline three real estate investment strategies that foreign investors can use in Bali in 2023.

What type of real estate investment should you consider in Bali?

Every investor is different and has different necessities, strategies and time horizons so there is not a "one strategy fits all" kind of deal. Although, to the most essential level there are very similar approaches you can consider when it comes to making investments in Bali.

The right question here is what is your strategy going to be? 

Here are a few outlined the most common real estate investments in Bali to get you inspired:

Buy/sell land

The buy/sell land strategy is pretty straightforward: 

You buy a piece of land at a low price and sell it to someone who needs it for a premium after you purchase it.

How profitable an investment in Bali land can be?

There are many variables at play here from the location you chose to buy, your investment timeframe, market conditions and real demand for land in that area.

Now, even if the concept of this strategy is very simple there are many ways in which you can f**k up your operation, this is why we have put together an introduction on how to select and buy land in Bali. 

That will give you an overall idea of why it takes to be successful in buying land in Bali.

Bali land for sale

Develop your own project and sell it

This is a great option if you are looking for a satisfactory and complete investment experience in Bali that can bring you big gains in the future.

 There are many advantages in developing a real estate project in Bali such as: 

  • You will have the full control of the whole process;
  • You can get creative with the design and really make the project yours;
  • You will go through every step of it ( find and buy land, finding a good contractor who can build it, sell it to someone else, renting your property out, etc);
  • If you play it smart it is possible that you will also get a good profit for your work.

But,(why is there always a “but” somewhere?).

There's also a lot of risk involved, especially if you are just getting started and you do not have real estate development experience. 

We suggest you discuss or better yet, work with someone that already has the know-how necessary to make your projects come to life. Just by talking and working side to side with professionals you will access their knowledge and methodology that can be useful if you plan to position yourself long term in this business. In case you are wondering, yes, working with a professional real estate company in Bali will mean that your profit margins could shrink a little. In our opinion it is a great tradeoff to consider, especially if you are just getting started.

bali project deveoper

Buy off plan properties in Bali

What does off plan property mean?

An off plan property is a property, or better, a concept of a property that is yet to be built, so whoever is offering you to buy a off plan property is looking for funding to develop their own real estate project and you, the investor, is the person who can bring that project to life.

See examples of off plan projects in Bali.

The off plan investing strategy gets very close to being a turnkey investment solution since all you have to do is to provide funding to a project and then set the development machine in motion.

One of the pros of buying off plan properties is that you can access a price below the market value and so once the development is complete and the home hits the market the investor already has the possibility to sell for a 10-15 or even 20% premium.

The main risk of buying off plan is that there is no absolute guarantee that the project even starts building for example or that the final delivery is different from the initial project you bought. 

This is a rare occurrence but should help you understand what is the tradeoff and risk involved when buying off plan projects.

The solution to mitigate the risks is always the same, and this is a recommendation we cannot stress enough:

Work with competent and professional companies and do tons of research. 

Do not get caught up in the moment, especially when investing in Bali and think that the opportunity you have under your nose is too good to let it go. Remember to always take your time and evaluate the situation as well as all the parties involved in the project.

Other than this little recommendations, buying off-plan properties in Bali is a great way to kickstart your real estate enterprise or set up your Airbnb business.

When done properly is not disappointing, au contraire, is greatly rewarding.

Learn more informations about investing in off plan properties in Bali.

bali offplan properties


In conclusion, we outlined three amongst the many investment options available in Bali in 2023. This whole article is only meant to inspire and make you broadly aware about the potential risks and benefits of every strategy.

There is a lot more to know and we suggest you talk with professionals if you are interested in making a real estate purchase in Bali. 

Our door is open for you anytime, just get in touch.

 Unfortunately we could not condense everything there is to know about each strategy but for sure we will make in-depth articles in the future about each and every one.

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