Pantai Lima, Pererenan, Canggu

Offplan Baliwood villa

This villa project has three different units for sale: 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms. Listed on this page you will find informations and ROI projections about the 3 bedrooms unit. For more informations about the other options please get in touch.

$ 540,000
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25 years
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25 years
$ 540,000
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Some features of Baliwood villa

Each villa house has open and enclosed living and dining areas, a modern kitchen, a beautiful garden, a swimming pool and is 100% furnished (is also possible to have the villa unfurnished).

  • Parking space for one car and one scooter is available. 
  • Rooftop lounge area with an additional rooftop-pool, to enjoy the ocean view.
  • Built elegantly and furnished with excellent interior decoration
  • Property management is provided.
  • Turnkey investment solution.

This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a modern design property investment or for home living. In one of the most desirable areas of Bali, Pererenan!

Quickly reach out via Whatsapp to learn more.

Here are all of the options available:

  • 540,000 for 3 bedrooms villa on a 248m² land 
  • 660,000 for 4 bedrooms villa on a 345m² land 
  • 790,000 for 5 bedrooms villa on a 410m² land 
  • 760,000 for 5 bedrooms villa on a 367m² land 

Get in touch to receive more informations about each villa.


Pererenan is a charming seaside village offering a picturesque mix of rolling green rice fields. The enviable surf breaks are well suited for advanced surfers. Blending in with trendy Canggu, Pererenan is slowly becoming more popular but still upholds the Balinese feel.

Monthly rental income

On a monthly basis our calculations indicate that is possible to yield 1.40% per month, on average, and generate to investors a potential net monthly income of $7,560 USD, considering an operational cost of 36%, which include taxes, Airbnb fees, supplies, management and ordinary maintenance.

This is a net daily income of $252 USD!

You can always set up your own calculation by using our ROI calculator to evaluate a different scenario.

Our tool is free to use and there is no need to register with your personal data.

How much can you potentially earn over 10 years with this villa?

These villas are walking distance to the beach and located inside a very desirable, premium and friendly area, ideal both for families and people looking for a spot that is very close the the active Canggu area..

Considering the the great location of this project, design features, rooftop pool, a developing neighborhood we estimate that investors will be able to rent out each room of Baliwood villa at approximately $150 USD per night, which is a typical price for that area, considering an occupancy rate of 80%.

Over the span of ten years Baliwood villa could generate around $1.3m in rental revenue.

To summarise, investors are looking at an off-plan project in a premium, quiet and safe location at a great price with a solid yield.

The ROI from rental activities alone, over the span of ten years is estimated to be around 168% and with a net operative income of approximately $907,000 USD.

Baliwood villa ROI overtime

Here's an example chart representing the cumulative revenue (gross in blue, net in green) along with the expenses of managing a rental property over a 10 years time-frame.

The green line represent your future cumulative revenue and it is estimated it will cross your investment amount (the dashed line in grey) in approximately two years.

This indicates that the time needed for investors to recover 100% of the investment amount is 5.9 years!

If you found this information useful and would like to learn more about this opportunity drop us a line on Whatsapp or Register here to get in touch and schedule a visit.

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Loved by digital nomads and younger generations, Canggu is the Best place to make new friends!

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Property amenities

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