Berawa, Canggu

[SOLD OUT] Villa Coro

Beaches, sunshine, villages and rice fields are the images conjured when thinking of a Bali lifestyle and this new four bedroom villa near Berawa Beach in Canggu fits the bill very nicely indeed.

$445k - 678k
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29 years
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29 years
$445k - 678k
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About this villa

This mediterranean style, two-levels villa is just a stroll from the beach and in walking distance a the wide array of world class entertainment, dining and shopping areas as well as to the international school that is located within some 50mt radius from the property, that can make this villa the perfect living space for families with kids.

Yet, Villa Koro  is located in a quiet part of Berawa, at the end of a cul-de-sac, surrounded by rice fields. A great and high demand location in Canggu.

A unique sloping roof characterizes the loft character of the building. High and airy ceilings span over a huge open plan living & dining area with integrated modern kitchen and a breakfast bar. A sunken lounge with comfortable sofas positioned at the rear is a great entertainment spot.

villa coro bali berawa rental business

A large terrace with hardwood decking facing the spacious garden and pool area invites you to enjoy al-fresco dining during the cooler summer evenings.

The L shaped swimming pool is 10 m long and has a surface of 39 m2 with a large wooden lounge deck along its side inviting you to a sun bath.

All bedrooms are en-suite, spacious and well decorated in white, beige and teak hues. The two main bedrooms are facing the pool, one on ground level and one upstairs with a private terrace.

Off-plan project in Berawa, Canggu

Available options:


  • 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • 220 m2
  • Price: USD 425,000


  • 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
  • 320 m2
  • Price: USD 640,000
available plots, villa coro

Approximate villa location

Potential income and rental business opportunity

For this rental income example we are considering the 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms villa (USD 425k).

This villa is 5 minutes or less to the beach and located inside a very desirable, premium and friendly area, ideal for families and people looking for a spot that is the Canggu area.

Considering the the great location of this project, its unique design features, the walking distance from international schools and world class entertainments we estimate that investors will be able to rent out each room of villa Coro at approximately $250 USD per night, which is a typical price for that area, considering an occupancy rate of 76%.

Over the span of ten years villa Coro can generate around $2.7m in rental revenue.

Below is an estimate chart representing the cumulative revenue (gross in blue, net in green) along with the expenses of managing a rental property over a 10 years time-frame.

The green line represent your future cumulative revenue and it is estimated it will cross your investment amount (the dashed line in grey) in approximately two years.

This indicates that the time needed for investors to recover 100% of the investment amount is 2 years!

The performance of this villa is above average.

roi graph villa coro

Monthly rental income

On a monthly basis our calculations indicate that is possible to yield 2.49% per month, on average, which is typical for the area in which villa Coro is located.

This villa can potentially generate to investors a potential net monthly income of $15,960 USD (considering an operative cost of 36%, which include taxes, Airbnb fees, supplies, management and ordinary maintenance).

This is a potential net daily income of $532 USD!

You can always set up your own calculation by using our ROI calculator to evaluate a different scenario.

Our tool is free to use and there is no need to register with your personal data.

If you find yourself interested in this listing and would like to learn more about this opportunity drop us a line on Whatsapp or Register here to download the brochure, get in touch and/or schedule a visit to villa Coro.

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Loved by digital nomads and younger generations, Canggu is the Best place to make new friends!

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Property amenities

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