Buwit, Tabanan

River front land in Buwit

IDR 7,000,000 per are, per year
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River front, jungle
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30 years + extension
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3,5m access

This unique piece of land in Buwit, Bali, offers an exciting opportunity for creative minds and those seeking to create something truly distinctive. Unlike your typical flat rice field, this property offers a diverse landscape with a mix of features:

  • 90% Flat Land: The majority of the land is flat, providing a versatile canvas for development as there are 2 vertical drops.
  • Elevated Area: Towards the end of the property, there is a 7-meter drop in full stone, creating an interesting topographical feature.
  • Riverfront Access: The land is directly connected to a river in front, allowing for potential water-based activities or serene river views.
  • Jungle Views: On the other side of the property, you'll enjoy captivating jungle views, adding to the natural beauty of the location.

This land is perfect for those with a creative vision, as the 7-meter stone drop can be ingeniously incorporated into a magnificent design. Whether you're looking to build a unique residence, a boutique resort, or an eco-friendly retreat, this land offers endless possibilities.

The main drop.

If you're seeking a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Bali, don't miss the chance to explore this extraordinary property in Buwit. Let your imagination run wild and transform this exceptional terrain into something truly remarkable.

Land in Bali for sale in Buwit

Unfortunately drone footage above this land is limited and is hard to appreciate the beautiful setup due to dense vegetation covering the area.

Nevertheless we invite you to come and visit first hand!

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How do I begin my evaluation of land investments in Bali?

Key considerations include understanding the location, size, and potential use of the land. By conducting thorough research, you can optimize your investment for profitability and longevity.


Is it advisable to navigate the land investment process in Bali on my own?

Some investors prefer a hands-on approach to save on fees, but caution is advised. Overlooking certain nuances might lead to lost time, poor negotiations, or potential scams.
Making an informed decision is key.
Before diving into any land investment in Bali, it's essential to conduct thorough research or engage with professionals for guidance.


What's my first move after pinpointing potential land in Bali for investment?

Always arrange a site visit, engage with the landowner, and consider price negotiation.


Why is location a vital factor when considering an investment in Bali's land?

Location determines the return on investment in Bali. It's paramount to select a land in Bali that has both current and future demand.


Could you explain the different land categorizations for those looking to invest in land in Bali?

☑️ Green: Agricultural land (best for non-permanent structures)
☑️ Yellow: Residential land
☑️ Orange: Commercial & Residential (enables building and procuring rental business licenses)
☑️ Red: Commercial (fit for various developments)
☑️ Pink: Accommodation (ideal for luxury resorts, usually beach adjacent)

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