Pantai Lima, Canggu

Premium location, one minute to the beach

IDR 35,000,000
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Pink zoning
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30 years + extension
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4m access from main road, provided by owner


Explore a remarkable real estate opportunity with this strategically positioned 20-acre land in Pantai Lima.

Its absolute strategic position, just a 1-minute drive from the beach and in close proximity to the Pererenan shortcut, makes it a prime investment.

This property offers a unique chance for versatile development with its pink zoning designation.


Situated in Pantai Lima, the land provides convenient access, with a 4-meter wide entry directly from the main road, built by the owner. This ensures not only strategic positioning but also practicality. The proximity to the beach and the Pererenan shortcut adds to the allure of this prime location.

Price and Contract

Priced at IDR 35,000,000 per are per year, this property comes with a pre-negotiated rate directly with the owner, reduced from IDR 37,000,000. You won't find a better deal guaranteed. Secure your investment with a 30-year leasehold contract, providing stability and a valuable extension option. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

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How do I begin my evaluation of land investments in Bali?

Key considerations include understanding the location, size, and potential use of the land. By conducting thorough research, you can optimize your investment for profitability and longevity.


Is it advisable to navigate the land investment process in Bali on my own?

Some investors prefer a hands-on approach to save on fees, but caution is advised. Overlooking certain nuances might lead to lost time, poor negotiations, or potential scams.
Making an informed decision is key.
Before diving into any land investment in Bali, it's essential to conduct thorough research or engage with professionals for guidance.


What's my first move after pinpointing potential land in Bali for investment?

Always arrange a site visit, engage with the landowner, and consider price negotiation.


Why is location a vital factor when considering an investment in Bali's land?

Location determines the return on investment in Bali. It's paramount to select a land in Bali that has both current and future demand.


Could you explain the different land categorizations for those looking to invest in land in Bali?

☑️ Green: Agricultural land (best for non-permanent structures)
☑️ Yellow: Residential land
☑️ Orange: Commercial & Residential (enables building and procuring rental business licenses)
☑️ Red: Commercial (fit for various developments)
☑️ Pink: Accommodation (ideal for luxury resorts, usually beach adjacent)

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